President Obama famously promised the American people that under the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), “If you like your health care plan, you can keep you health care plan, period.” He also promised that "the only thing that will change for you under this plan is the amount of money you will spend on premiums. That will be less than you are spending now.”

Now that the reality of Obamacare is unfolding, it turns out both those promises have been broken in a way that has turned many North Carolinians' healthcare into a nightmare. The Civitas Institute asked real North Carolinians to share how they have been impacted by Obamacare. The response was overwhelming: people losing their current coverage, sticker shock from skyrocketing premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses rising dramatically, workers having their hours cut.

This website is dedicated to telling the stories of people who are being forced to endure the nightmare of Obamacare. Be sure to share this site with people you know who need to be educated about the true impact Obamacare is having on individuals and families.

And if you are enduring an Obamacare nightmare of your own, please share your story.

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  • Mother of Two Chronically Ill Children Being Destroyed by Obamacare

  • Losing Current Plan "Due to ACA Regulations"

  • Premium Increasing 86 Percent

  • Young, Healthy Female to See Premiums Triple

  • Current Insurance Dropped

  • Premiums to Triple

  • Premium Increase of 52 Percent

  • Full-Time Worker Having Hours Cut to 25/wk

  • Losing Current Plan

  • Plan Dropped & 150 Percent Premium Increase

  • Losing Coverage, New Plan Costs $4200 More Per Year

  • Premium Increase of 63 Percent, Less Prescription Coverage

  • 290 Percent Increase in Premiums

  • $465/Mo To $1,096/Mo

  • Premiums For Two Policies Increase By $8,227 Per Year

  • Premium Increase of 157 Percent, Not Eligible for Subsidies

  • Premiums Doubled, Medicine Co-Pay Now Five Times Higher

  • Premium Increase of 125 Percent, Out of Pocket Increased by $1,000

  • Healthy, Twenty-something Female, 24 Percent Premium Increase

  • Premium Increase Of 165 Percent… Even With Higher Deductible

  • Premiums Tripled… Insurance No Longer Affordable, Forced To Rely On Tax Subsidies

  • Self-employed… Premium Increase Of 77 Percent

  • Losing Employer’s Pension Health Coverage…

  • Young Mother Of Two Losing Current Plan “Due To Aca Regulations”... Children’s Insurance Premiums Increase $1,800/yr

  • Losing Current Plan “Due To Aca Regulations”... New Plan Would Cost Twice Current Plan

  • Insurance Premiums Increased By More Than $5,000/yr… with Higher Co-pay And Out-of-pocket Expenses

  • Insurance Premiums Would Increase 156 Percent… with Higher Deductible… Forced To Drop Coverage And Pay Fine Instead

  • Insurance Premium For Healthy Family Doubled

  • Insurance Premium To Increase 96 Percent

  • Insurance Premium To Rise By 600 Percent

  • Premiums To Spike 267 Percent with Higher Deductible

  • Premium Increase Of 120 Percent With Higher Deductible

  • Young Male To See Premiums Balloon By 480 Percent

  • Senior On Medicare Advantage To See 1,000 Percent Premium Increase

  • Retiree Losing Employer Coverage, New Plan Would Cost $7,400 More Per Year

  • Retiree Losing Employer Coverage

  • New Business Plans On Hold Due To Healthcare Uncertainty

  • Employer Forced To Drop Coverage, New Premiums Would Be $4,000/yr More

  • Premiums Would More Than Double

  • Father And Son Losing Current Plan, Premiums To Increase $2,100/yr

  • Losing Current Plan, Premiums To Increase By 110 Percent, With A Higher Deductible

  • Premium Increase Of 148 Percent with Higher Deductible

  • Premium To Increase A Whopping 300 Percent

  • Adjunct Professor Sees Hours Cut Due To Obamacare

  • Premiums To Increase By $7,000/yr

  • Premium Increase By $300/mo... Will Drop Coverage Because Its No Longer Affordable

  • Premiums More Than Doubled And To Increase By $4,320/yr

  • Potential Health Exchange User Frustrated By Online “Glitches”

  • New Exchange Premiums Would Take Nearly Half Of My Income

  • Premium To Skyrocket By More Than 400 Percent

  • Premium Hike Of A Stunning 592 Percent

  • Self-employed Worker Sees Premiums Climb 25 Percent

  • Young, Healthy Male In Georgia Loses Current Plan

  • Self-employed Worker’s Premiums Spike 67 Percent

  • Losing Current Plan “Due To Aca Regulations”

  • New York Senior Loses Access To Specialist

  • Premiums Have Increased By $20,000 Per Year Since Obamacare Passage

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I HEREBY AFFIRM that Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) is failing. The law is having a chilling effect on businesses, forcing employers to lay off employees or cut their hours, and stifling economic growth.

Many people are learning the law is forcing them into new, unfamiliar insurance plans, while raising their costs and subjecting them to much higher deductibles. The online system runs so poorly that it’s been almost impossible for people to sign up. Yet well-connected insiders, large corporations and big unions get waivers to escape all these problems, while ordinary people have to suffer under this bungled scheme.

Obamacare is crippling family budgets, hampering the economy, and wreaking havoc on our health care system. This unfair, costly and problem-plagued system should be repealed, and replaced with free-market solutions that genuinely support real reforms in health care while bolstering prosperity and safeguarding our freedom.

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